Token for Towel Program

*  The YMCA is pleased to institute the new program and system which allows us to continue our long tradition of towel service for YMCA Members.

*  The system is simple and straightforward while providing an improved level of service and an enhanced Member experience.

*  The program sports multiple efficiencies which contribute to keeping operational costs down.

The experience:

  • Beginning Wednesday, February 21, 2018, a YMCA Member may enter the facility and ask for a bath towel.
  • The YMCA attendant will register the initial issuance of one free towel token on the member’s  computer record at the Front Desk.
  • The member will then exchange their newly issued token for a distinctive, blue-striped, YMCA bath towel.
  • When members return the distinctive towels back to the front desk attendant, they will be handed tokens which should be kept readily accessible so they can be exchanged during future visits for fresh towels.
  • If a token is lost, another can be purchased from the front desk for $5.00
  • If Members want additional towels to use when visiting the YMCA, they can purchase more tokens at $5 apiece, each token representing one towel.

Thanks for doing your part with this system so we can keep our operational costs down, thereby maintaining reasonable membership rates for all.